How to disable extra data with any operator

disable extra data

If you do not want to pay more when you run out of megabytes, we’ll explain how to deactivate the extra data when they run out at any telephone operator.

Currently there are two types of telephone operators in the market: those that charge the extra data once those that are included in the rate are exhausted on the one hand, while on the other there are those that simply reduce the speed.

If you are from the second group, you should not worry. When you run out of gigas, you will not have to pay more. Continue reading “How to disable extra data with any operator”

Your old computer with Windows 10 sooner or later will run out of updates

Windows 10

And with “old” we do not mean only 1998 or 2002, but teams of just a couple of years of life that the manufacturer no longer officially support. This new Windows scenario looks a lot like the lives of Android phones.

Earlier this week we told you how computers with a Clover Trail processor were stuck in the Windows 10 Anniversay Update because they were not eligible to upgrade to Creators Update. Now Microsoft has confirmed that any hardware device that runs outside the manufacturer’s support cycle may be ineligible for future upgrades to Windows 10. Continue reading “Your old computer with Windows 10 sooner or later will run out of updates”